• Wide range of used lifeboats for sale

  • Wide range of used lifeboats for sale

    Used Lifeboats, Davits & Winches

    We carry a large stock of used and ex-stock lifeboats, davits and winches availabe for sale.

    Current stock:

    Ex Aberdeen

    4 X SC80F Lifeboats (56 Persons) 8.00M X 2.85M X 3.10M







    1 X SC75F Lifeboat (50 Persons) 7.50M X 2.86M X 3.20M

    2 X SC102F Lifeboats (90 Persons) 10.28M X 3.50M X 3.40M


    2 X SC95F Lifeboats (80 Persons) 9.5M X 3.60M X 3.40M

    1 X Whittaker Capsule (36 Persons)


    Ex Singapore

    4 X Norsafe 74F Lifeboats (55 Persons) 7.35M X 2.68M X 3.00M

    For further details please call + 44 1224 784488 or email info@survivalcraft.com