• Freefall = Fast +
    Efficient Launching

    Freefall lifeboats

    Our lifeboat design capabilities are founded on many years of experience – a track record featuring the design of a large range of freefall lifeboats constructed to the latest SOLAS regulations and LSA code. 

    Suitable for installation on merchant shipping, MODUs and offshore platforms, they are complemented by a full suite of survival craft davits. They're backed by a worldwide installation, commissioning and maintenance service provided by our own team of mobile engineers.

    Features include:

    • capacities from 24 to 95 persons on board (POB)
    • seating for an average body of 82.5kgs (SOLAS requirement) to 98kgs (common offshore requirement)
    • maximum drop heights
    • tanker versions available for crude carriers, FPSOs, MODUs and production platforms
    • tanker versions include a compressed air supply to pressurise the lifeboat for a minimum of 10 minutes to prevent the ingress of smoke and an external water spray deluge system
    • buoyancy to self-right when fully loaded and in a damaged condition.

    Our boats are designed for use in harsh conditions and the construction materials selected for their resistance to the corrosive marine environment – and to ensure a long and trouble-free operational life with minimal maintenance.